Install Corrugated Metal Roofing on a shed

How to Install Corrugated Metal Roofing on a Shed

Corrugated metal roofs typically much longer than a traditional asphalt shingles roof. In this article of this blog we cover the topic of installation Corrugated Metal Roofing on a shed. A Corrugated metal Roofing incredibly cost effective, durable and sturdy, and has long been the preferred material for roofing for agricultural and industrial buildings. Corrugated metal is priced somewhat similarly to asphalt shingles, especially at the low end, and yet it’s far more durable, energy efficient. The system is comprised of corrugated sheet metal panels held in place by exposed fasteners. These high-quality metal roof and wall panels maintain their strength and structural stability throughout the building lifetime.

Overlap Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel

Prior to overlapping the panel a stripe of double sided butyl tape should be placed at the overlap. Apply sealant tape along the second high seam of the lower roofing panel. the panel should be overlap by two corrugations. Flat panels away from prevailing winds, whenever its possible. when you overlap the panel you will loos coverage, the width of the panel is not the area. It will cover for example 39 niche will only yield 34.67 inches of coverage after the panel side lap. 37 inch wide panels will only yield 32 inches of coverage after the panel side lap.

Screw Location High or Low of a panel

Do the fasteners go on highs or lows  of the panel. When fastening the corrugated metal roofing panel, Our Recommendation is that the fasteners should be placed on the high seam of the panel. You will have a more weather tight panel. Because the screws are exposed to less water and debris. The valley of the low is narrow and the screw is narrow and the head is large in comparison to the width of the valley. It acts like a dam as the water passes over it. If you have a ceiling washer than has failed, it will leak as water passes around the screw you eliminate this problem when the screw is located on the high versus low of the panel.

Screw placement on the panels

7/8 inch corrugated is available in many different widths. 37 inch and 39 inch the two most common sizes. The width of the panels is dependent upon the manufacture gauge and finish that chosen. Corrugated Metal roofing will have lots of screw lines. A raw screws that spaces a specific distance from the next raw screws. Each screw line for a panel will consist of four screws, place on the high seam of the corrugated panel. For a 37 inch width panel, the screws are spaced out so that every 3rd corrugation has a screw.

Panels that are 39 inches in width will result in an additional corrugation. For this size panel you still need four fasteners per screw line which are placed every 3rd corrugation. However in one location it will be on the 4th corrugation. It is crucial that your screws land on the overlap of panels. It should run along the first high seam of the lower panel.

Screw line spacing

when you trying to determine screw line spacing, you have realize that each job is different some jobs are locate in areas that have high winds. while other may be locate in snow country or a desert. You should also make sure that you are in compliance with your local building codes. For this reason the spacing between screw lines should be determined by the engineer. you should hire an engineer to determine screw spacing. If you choose not to hire an engineer then here are some general guidelines.

Metal roofing attaching to solid plywood substrate

The overwhelming majority of job we sell are installed with screw lines at 24 inches on center. if the job not installed at 14 inches on center so the next two most common distances are 18 inch or 36 inch on center. When in doubt war attachment is better then less attachment at overlaps, additional screws should be placed in the middle of your screw line spacing screws at overlap should not exceed 18 inches to 24 inches on center.

Metal Roofing Attaching to Metal Purlins

An engineer will use a load chart in order to determine the spacing between metal purlins. Once the purlins spacing is determined then the metal roofing are typically attached to every line of purlines.

How many screw do you need

For this calculation we will assume screw lines at 24 inches on center. if your screw line are closer or further then 24 inches on center. You can make some adjournment based upon this formula. Here are two easy formulas for determining the amount of metal roofing screws

Method:1 Take you square footage and multiply by 80%.


3000 Squarefeet x= 80% = 2400 Screws

Method:2 80 screws for each roofing square a roofing square is 100 square feet


30 Roofing squares x 80 screws  = 2400 Screws

Final Words

Follow all of procedure step by step to install Corrugated Metal Roofing on a Shed.