Using Material Imaginatively to Beautify Real Estate

Metals have now become a part and parcel of daily life. Great architectural wonders have been materialized by the judicious use of metallurgy. Ancient archeological sites prove that man has been incorporating metals from the time immemorial. The iron pillar of Delhi is remarkable for its rust-resistant composition. One may find its prints and paintings online. So, metals and their alloys could also be used for aesthetic purposes rather than just limiting them to architectural designs.

Metals are known to be used in building and real estate sector as it is used for making frames and claddings. Doors, windows, etc. are also made of metals. Recently, decorative uses of this material are catching people’s attention. Holes are made in metals sheets used for enhancing the quality of designs. These are known as perforated metals sheets.

Reasons to choose metal as a potential material in designing

  1. Versatility

Whether it is inanimate things or people, rigid ones always break if you try to mold them. So, adaptability and amiability are virtues that make you the right choice for everyone. Different types of metals depending on their chemical and physical qualities give you a wide array of options that could be forged together to give mesmerizing effects like shimmering effects of brass, copper, aluminum, gold, etc.

  • Pleasing to the eyes

Metals are apt for every kind of style whether it be traditional or modern. Their rustic dullness comes with its charms and delight. They can be imposing and humble at the same time and having the characteristic of enlivening an un-empathetic space.

  • Solidity

If we claim that metal is forever instead of diamonds then it would not amount to any type of puffery or exaggeration. Normally, common alloys are believed to be durable for 50 years while an intelligently forged alloy could do much better than that. Metal is more durable than any other material. Its lifespan could be escalated significantly by galvanizing or applying paint for protection. They are immune to attacks of termites and rodents too.

  • Maintainability and safety

You might have observed that places where hygiene becomes a priority, metals are used as kitchens, clinics, and hospitals. From scissors to scalpels and knives, all are made of metals because of their property of being non-reactive.

  • Recyclable

Metals could be recycled any time you want if they are not lost due to wear and tear by reacting to elements present in the air like rust. They are not susceptible to lose their quality overheating them again and again for reshaping them. Perforated sheets are capable of reducing energy wastage as it facilitates the flow of air. It can allow natural light to come into buildings. They provide facilities with strength.

Considering the above-mentioned features, architects and interior designers are exploiting all kinds of metals to create the desired effect. With the strength of frames and ceilings that provide a structural advantage to the building, metals are used in sculptures, installations, and artworks to give the space an edge. The use of metals on canvas increases the demand for paintings online due to their out of the box imagery.

Metallic finishing is used in almost every household for their durability and strength. But, every now and then we can see the sue of metals in houses for ornamental purposes. Idols of Gods and deities are made of Ashtadhatu, an alloy of eight sacred metals like gold, silver, copper, mercury, zinc, iron, lead, and tin.

Iron is exponentially used in the railings of the staircases. The greenish and rubricated rust on copper and iron give them an antique look. Thus, old has now indeed become gold. The wrought iron is used in sculptures, ornaments, and installations around the globe.

You may feel like a king or Nawab of some presidency whenever you enter the home by giving it a grandiose touch by installing a heavy metal door with intricate designs. Graceful and slender metal door pulls for your cabinet, windows and doors are the ones that everyone wants and they have been present in our homes for a long time. We just need to give them an attractive touch.

Interior designs could be revamped by the use of metals. The warm and mellow glow and peace that metal has to offer are of no match. They come in a variety of colors for example aluminum is white, copper is reddish-brown, and brass looks like gold if given a good polishing.

The primary use of metals in a building is to give it structural strength and the idea of using them to beautify the interiors of a house or an office space has come in the mainstream in the last decade when artists and sculptors decided to experiment for this genre.

Use of metals in furniture

We can make chairs and tables of metals and give them sophisticated designs without worrying about durability. It requires a high-quality skill set to mold metal into a desired shape. These people who give shapes to thought are known as sofa liners. They are trained to make sofa out of any material like wood or metal and even plastic. The foam and upholstery will rest upon a strongly welded array of joints. The liner would conceptualize the idea for you to the welder who would work under his supervision to get things done.

Metals in the kitchen

Nowadays you need not worry about the type of granite and tiles would you like to have in your kitchen. One just needs to give the required space intended to be used as a kitchen. Modular kitchens are installed in houses that give them a modern look and are hygienic. Copper, aluminum, steel, brass, tin, and materials like marble and granites are widely used to give your kitchen an exquisite look.

However, metal is a good option but it is also prone to corrosion. Due to an increase in complex molecules in the air, the have become susceptible to get reactive and form a dull layer which is needed to be cleaned time to time with chemicals to maintain its luster and sheen. Like any other thing, metals do have their limitations.