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Construction Consultancy Firm In Bangladesh

Metal building systems limited is also having a consultancy service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. we have experienced consultants who complete their graduation reputed public universities like BUET, DUET, CUET, KUET, etc. Also have few intelligent engineers from private universities in Bangladesh.

Metal building systems ltd consultancy services

Civil engineering is a term where are project management, design, construction terms are given. It is a very important part of the works which will do with an engineer working in company or field level capacity.

We provide a full range of services such as

• Estimating & preparatory survey

• Construction supervision & management.

• Technical consultancy for construction site supervision.

• Construction site report preparation.

• Readiness testing activity like pile load race etc.

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Structural Engineering

In Civil engineering, this is a term where are project management, design, construction terms are given. It is a very important part of the works which will do with an engineer working in company or field level capacity.

We provide a full range of services such as

• Estimating & preparatory survey for various types of projects like highways transportation, bridges roads, etc..

• Basic design (when our civil engineers carry out metalworking calculations) building reinforced concrete precast details etc…

• Preliminary survey with stability test -site study for earthwork piling foundation piling …etc..

• Construction supervision & management.

Metal building systems limited can design any type of functional architectural element/customized peripheral structural elements i.e. modular metal panel, curtain wall system-HVAC system consultant. All projects shall be done according to customer work schedule and field conditions so after completing the product’s quality and reliability will be proved. We believe we can give satisfaction to meet customer’s needs so there is motivation feel inspiration in our daily working environment with the use of new technologies together.

What features should be included in a good construction consultancy firm in Bangladesh?

Everyone wants better organization, instead of the traditional method

of paper-based or pass-book structure where there is no discipline and hard work by all staff if we continue like this then nothing good will be achieved. So everyone should try to introduce a new concrete system as a change in our old native working style.

Service quality

The Quality of our service depends upon the quality of people we recruit. If you want real, fast, and effective solutions for your construction projects then please contact us at metal building systems limited to start this new journey towards excellence in the consultancy sector.

Time towards completion of the task according to deadlines.

A team member should be qualified with relevant certification/diploma or certificate. Increase productivity by the logical decision-making process. High quality of service through an effective communication system to make sure client satisfaction. This includes telephone, email, and electronic media conversation channels together all these methodologies are re-invented result in an apolliate relationship between consultants & clients which is developing effectively every day thereafter improvement always occurs according to the requirement of both parties.

Overseeing all activities effectively and in a timely manner.

A main change and innovation come through new technology which has been already introduced in the construction sector. That is a mobile phone, email, and other electronic media channels/web sites where it can be easily maintained timely delivery of presentations regarding studies results, etc.

It needs to figure out what reasonable fee should we set for our services or how much percentage would be liked to charge from clients so that clients feel motivated about providing extra services at cost-efficiency.

Are there any drawbacks to using a construction consultancy firm in Bangladesh?

Opportunities will increase with your efforts to build customer relationships that provide long-term value to the relationship. No, go after short-term projects timely delivery is a most critical factor in order for the project is not be delayed especially when it involves on schedule time of completion thus creating a reliable reputation


Bangladesh has substantial skills in the construction sector to support the local market. Growth in related business areas done, competitive tenders and many other positive factors maintaining a healthy environment hence its feasible for foreign firms to operate businesses there with all advantages brought by technology & globalization which is globalizing continuously no barrier or how weak your project funding/budget may be, you will still able make it successful through intense research required from your end always needs proper planning.

Steel Structure Building Cost In Bangladesh

As one of the most important materials in the construction industry, steel is a vital part of any structure. It provides strength and durability to buildings and is used in a variety of other structures such as bridges, railways, ships, and even aircraft. Steel can be found in all kinds of structures from huge buildings to tiny cars.

Steel Building Manufacturing Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

In a short time, MBSL Steel Building has become one of the most esteemed names among steel erection companies in Bangladesh. MBSL Steel Building is a multi-column unit company, created in 2008 with the intention of becoming a major player within this industrial sector. Initially, we began offering building erecting services to 3rd party builders and constructing various types of steel buildings/demolition for them which was gradually progressed into providing our own service through our well-placed factories in Bangladesh that would also produce concrete slabs from their self-owned production units at high quality without any loss regarding Dhaka Bangladesh. We render best quality services to our customers at a competitive price as we are trying to keep up with changing world standards.

MBSL stands for Metal building Systems Limited and we are one of the limited companies to provide steel construction services square foot at a negotiable price.

The steel building manufacturing company of the true construction will the most durability and strength to its structure. It’s a product that is made with high-quality material in order for it not only to last many years but also provide superior performance as well as be strong enough to carry the weight placed on them by being used over and over again

we are manufacture of building materials as per international quality, our Design & Fabrication department is skilled, experienced and ambitious to work for you as a repetitive client. we can assemble raw material into a construction site in your project schedule in one or two days, depending on the complexity of its structure.

We have clients in Gazipur, Comilla, Sylhet, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Chittagong, etc. we build high-rise residential buildings and we provide site complete services on the same spot. we also deliver on-demand and please call for more details.

In civil engineering, pre-engineered buildings (PEB) are a part of the construction process of an engineered building. It is the stage of construction where all required foundation, superstructure, and structural systems are planned to be put in place by a company that has pre-designed at least 2 high-rise buildings.

Maximum steel materials we import china or japan by ship now.

What are the types of materials used for construction of steel structures in Bangladesh?

Steel is commonly used in the construction of buildings and other structures, such as roofs and floors.

cement concrete can use is civil work to provide a protective, long-lasting, and fire-resistant building material.

Bellow materials commonly used in the construction of steel structures in Bangladesh-

  • Carbon steels.
  • High strength low alloy steels.
  • Corrosion-resistant high strength low alloy steels.
  • Quenched and tempered alloy steels.
  • Forged Steel.

Fabrication & Erection

Fabrication of steel structure building is a process that divides the whole construction of a building into easy assemblies and sorts out any kinks or tangles during this part. It prepares the design steps so assembling, fabrication, and erecting each structure becomes easier than ever before.

Erection of structural steel building construction is a process that lasts for several months. During this time, a building is being built from scratch and it eventually takes shape as the component parts are put together to form one piece of structure. The final components will be welded together before any flooring can be put in place or coils used as exterior cladding panels at the last minute.


Steel erection is a huge industry in Bangladesh. The process of erecting a steel structure is a highly complicated one and involves a lot of factors. MBSL Steel Building has been the leading name in Dhaka for many years now, and we have built hundreds of structures with them. If you are looking to get your project started on the right foot, call us today at +8801712-717538 or email us at We will be happy to help!

What Is Stringer In Steel Structure

Sterling steel is a modern form of steel that provides a more aesthetically pleasing, finished appearance than traditional structural steel. It has higher quality and durability than traditional structural steel, and can be easily formed into a wide variety of shapes.

What are stringers in steel structure?

A solid, continuous steel beam that transversely separates the interior of a concrete span from its supporting abutments. It is typically constructed in-line with the main load bearing members of an existing piece or section (including columns) and anchored to them at either end. Stringers are not identified in drawings during construction; they appear on final inspection reports when visualized finished structural frames after content has been poured into formwork models, including foundations .

Which type of stringers are suitable for my situation and why?

Our customer only supply the construction only. They have a range of standard lengths but they come with an additional 8 metres on request, can be used in conjunction to increase space or be made into part of the structure supporting the flooring/wiring.

Each strut, joist and purlin is bolted to the stringers along their outer edge. These bolts are visible when viewed from the outside of your property but hidden once they have been installed in between two sheets of flooring or under a curtain-wall finish.

Steel stair stringer advantages & disadvantages


There are major benefits to utilising steel stair stringers as opposed to wood. The main advantages being:

Adjustable lengths, quantities and widths of stairs can be achieved with a high degree of accuracy since the stringer is available in different sizes/widths – only limited by incoming orders for your particular project Steel stair tread slabs provide a far more hard wearing surface than wooden ones have led to less cracks due topon-the damage caused by timber movement during ice build-up It is made from a material that has less expansion, contraction and fading over time than wood, creating more stable stairs due to less general wear and tear Longer life span as the metal makes it sturdy enough for continuous use. There will be no need to repaint stair stringer after installation which will help reduce costs depending on your project size.


Disadvantages are that they won’t fit into the strictest of design parameters when it comes to installation. It is obviously necessary that you don’t end up supporting your whole stairway with one run which depends on how many steps, rise and width the stairs are in itself Also once I had poured foundation for my building there were several places where they needed further support in order to stay in place without ripping out my hard works or causing them to bow slightly

The issue of expansion and contraction above is something you just need to accept given that it will be hard, bland surface.

Is there any difference between a composite and an all-steel type of strut system, and what should I choose based on this criteria?

Again, there is no discernable difference between a composite strut and an all-steel type in terms of their functionality when it comes to use, durability and installation. The only issue that has been brought up here a couple times with this term ‘composite’ being used by people who choose not to install steel stringer instead have put up the plastic version which just doesn’t perform well over time due to bending under pressure from foot traffic for long stairs

Sidewalk guards, along with step treads to protect the walkway from damage due to footsteps. They are often cumbersome and difficult for elderly or disabled people who find it hard enough walking up steps without worrying about slipping on a guard that could cause injury if they fall down too far or crack their knees upon landing onto the sidewalk. Sidewalk stands aren’t really applicable in most installations though but can be used at the top of a lower flight where the stairway itself isn’t used.

What is a stringer beam?

Generally a ‘Slinger Beam’ is the model of sandbag joist that a stringer connects to for hanging on each side of a stair where you will either install 3 or 4 window wells in front, or 2 window well installation pairings per level.

Currently they are most commonly made from steel I-beam and bent profiles which form beams with holes cut out at opposite ends called ‘popplets’. We do provide all steel stringer beam options, however we use the ‘firmer’ and more economical bulk models with overkill plastic webbing straps rather than coil-wire stringer. You will find minor variation in sizes depending on shop and timeline but equally you will most likely not see changes in pricing from what we pay for these giant steel beams since they do weigh a ton just themselves without structure.

What is the difference between a beam and a stringer?

The beams  portray the transport of loads and where they connect to other components. The stringer portrays their location and function as a structural system for these load paths, and is often used in buildings with large spans where it could be impractical or aesthetically unappealing to cover entire surfaces from end-to-end in beams.

Final Word

In the ending of Sterling steel topic , we will be taking a look at the concept of stringer joist with windows.  We hope the information provided will be of use to any level of projects out there, big or small . It can help even for those who are just getting started in their stair building adventures so they won’t have any trip-ups on finishing touches later down the line!